The Grafton Trail Riders host 4 gymkhanas, or games on horseback, each summer. Non-members are welcome to participate in these events! Be sure to get on our mailing list if you are interested in receiving a list of gymkhana events in advance. Every one who participates must first sign the event waiver which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Gymkhanas are fun for the whole family. Come and join us!
Follow the link at the bottom of the page to view pictures from past gymkhanas.

 Photo Credit to Mike Boettcher of Desdelan PhotographyPole Bending GTR Gymkhana - July 2014-655 GTR Gymkhana - July 2014-323 GTR Gymkhana - July 2014-197

Please sign an event waiver form in order to participate in gymkhanas. Click the link below to download the form:


Click the links below to download the flyers for the year:

June 2014 entry form

July 2014 Entry Form

August 2014 Entry Form

September 2014 Entry Form

2014 Gymkhana Dates

June 8, 2014

July 13, 2014

August 10, 2014

September 14, 2014


Juniors and seniors may compete in all 6 designated events. Events are timed, based on elimination, or both. Time penalties are added if a rider is off course or fails to complete part of an event.

Ribbons are awarded for the top 6 placing riders, and points are awarded. The junior and senior riders with the most points at the end of the year will receive a trophy. In the pewee division, everyone gets a ribbon or a treat!




Grafton Trail Riders – 2014 Gymkhana Points
Senior Division
Rider Horse June Points July Points August Points Sept. Points YTD Total
Jen Spierre Miss Margarita 27 27
Katherine DeWolf Sedona Jake 24 24
Dave Senecal Skipper 16 16
Emma Strohmaier Brie 15 15
Sue Slade Spade 13 13
Kayle McNeil Mia 10 10
Katlynn Lemaire Micque 5 5
Maria Simme Ginger 5 5
Jess Cruickshank Jethro 3 3
Delores Meissner Cole 3 3
Cathy Floetke Rocksy 2 2
Sue Slade Lamar 2 2
Margaret (Peg) Sime April 1 1
John Blanchard Ruben 0 0
Laura Schreiner Duke 0 0
Junior Division (14-17)
Rider Horse June Points July Points August Points Sept. Points YTD Total
Bekah Smith Bud 27 27
Elyse Scott Rose 27 27
Courtney Sherman Jack Sprat 23 23
Jared DeWolf Sedona Jake 13 13
Amber Rieger Peppy’s Scenario 10 10
Sarah Weaver Ace 9 9
Call Cassidy MaBella Amie 8 8
Youth (10-13)
Rider Horse June Points July Points August Points Sept. Points YTD Total
Brooke DeShane Izzy 26 26
Alyssa Jacon Miss Margarita 24 24
Anna Bradford-Rickard Fantasy 20 20
Jeanine Spierrre Aces Wild 15 15
Erin Goodermote Lucy Lou 12 12
Carleigh Woods Gabrielle 3 3
Show Grand and Reserve Champion
June 8, 2014
Senior Rider Horse 
Champion Jen Spierre Miss Margarita
Reserve Champion Katherine DeWolf Sedona Jake
Junior Rider Horse
Champion (Split) Bekah Smith Bud
Champion (Split) Elyse Scott Rose
Reserve Champion Courtney Sherman Jack Sprat
Youth Rider Horse
Champion Brooke DeShane Izzy
Reserve Champion Alyssa Jacon Miss Margarita



Helmets are recommended for everyone.

New York State Law now requires that all riders under the age of 18 MUST wear a helmet!

Check out these pictures!!!

Special thanks to Mike Boettcher of Desdelan Photography for taking some great shots!
Click on this link below for pictures from the July 2014 gymkhana!
If you’d like to order prints, please contact Mike at (518) 512-6126
Click on the link below to view the photos from the June 2013 gymkhana!   (password = horseback)


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